How to choose the best platform to achieve your fitness goals?

Fitness at Home

The choice of the right partner makes or breaks the course of your life, isn’t it? Do you invest similar or significant effort in choosing your fitness partner? Whether you can achieve your fitness goals or not depends majorly on the platform that you choose as your partner in this journey.

Things to consider while choosing a platform:

Repository of trainersTrainers play a major role in your transformation. You must look at a trainer who has the experience and the flexibility to adapt your goals into a customized solution and ensure that you are motivated at each step. Long waiting hours, non-availability of slots that suit your schedule make this a difficult decision. Fitness enthusiasts can look upto fitness platforms like FitBuddy as an alternative to expensive personal trainers. The platform is a pioneer in bringing the AI assisted virtual fitness coach to India. In easy terms, a Computer vision assisted trainer literally watches your workout in real time and suggests corrections.

Lack of motivationMost training regimes conducted in big groups lack individualised attention. There is no feedback mechanism that helps keep a strong foothold on targets; and most learners give up on exercising midway. The success lies in a structured feedback mechanism that monitors progress, keeps an eye on your reps, suggests posture correction, and reduces injuries. Virtual AI coaches can ensure that you achieve results quicker and better. 

Comparative Data: It is equally important to understand the key parameters that define a healthy individual. These parameters may differ from region to region and from country to country. Platforms that come with globally benchmarked analytics help you shine above the rest. You can measure/re-measure your progress, revisit your targets and plan a regime based on these analytics. 

Accessibility: Guided self training is now a reality from the comfort of your home. 

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