Is intermittent fasting a healthy practice?

Is intermittent fasting a healthy practice?

Just like the two varied sides of a coin, intermittent fasting has two varied schools of thought. While there is no doubt that fasting helps achieve results, but whether it brings in long-term or just small-term gain is a subject of several researches. 

Interestingly, #IntermittentFasting has been among the top trending searches in the years 2020 & 2021. 

Many practitioners claim that intermittent fasting can cause weight loss, improve your metabolism and increase life span. The focus here is not on ‘what you eat’ but ‘when you eat’. And that is where the whole fitness debate begins … “I am spacing my meals, but am I keeping a count of my calorie intake; Am I doing it right”? Remember, there is no single plan that will work for each individual body. 

If not done correct, skipping meals may cause headaches, indigestion, low blood sugar levels.  It may also lead to food cravings and disordered eating patterns. And eating more calories than what your body burns will lead to a long-term increase in body fat, which means you, can still gain weight! 

If followed for long, calorie deficiency during intermittent fasting may lead to muscle loss and lethargy. Low-intensity work-outs and yoga are recommended to keep the balance. To ensure no downside impact on health, any Fitness Plan or a regime like intermittent fasting should be structured well to achieve the best results. It is very important to consult a medical practitioner. Alternatively, fitness enthusiasts can engage themselves with AI assisted fitness platforms that offer the guidance of virtual trainers at one-tenth the cost. As a friend or your Fit Buddy, the platforms offer solutions that keep your fitness goals on track. 

As advised by health experts, supplement fasting meals with a fitness schedule. Choose a plan that complements and further enhances the results from intermittent fasting. Researching on the ideal combinations of nutrition and exercise is advocated. AI based fitness platforms promise that perfect amalgamation for dramatic and quicker results. 

If Fit to Fab is your ultimate goal, then delve deeper into the solutions offered by platforms that also offer bench-marked analytics.  

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