Are online workouts making offline workouts obsolete?

Digital versus Offline workout

The pandemic has fueled the fitness needs and aspirations of individuals across all age groups, leading to a surge in the number of people opting for digital workouts over offline workouts. While it is true that digital workouts evolved as the best option to stay fit during the pandemic; offline workouts seem to be losing their sheen even as the Covid situation seems to be improving. The pure convenience, flexibility, repository of fitness practices and cost savings that digital workouts offer over offline ones has brought in sweeping changes in the expectations and preferences of trainees as well as trainers. 

It may not be wrong to believe that while Digital Workouts did begin as the alternative to offline workouts; a growing number of consumers are opting for them as their CHOICE OF WORKOUT! We are now looking at a fitness industry that stands at the cusp of disruption through the accelerated use of technology, AI and smart solutions. Adapting to this Technology-Driven transformation shall be the biggest game changer, not just for the trainers but also for the learners looking out for a personalized solution.

Offline workouts do not offer the same amount of scalability and reach as is possible in their digital counterparts at a fraction of the cost. The digital penetration shall make the fitness space even more competitive, necessitating the need for widespread training and an individualised digital identity for trainers. Trainers who have been taking online sessions and using technology platforms shall have a first mover advantage and can adapt quickly to leverage from the ongoing disruption in the fitness space. 

Trainees queuing for gym memberships is passe, what is gaining momentum is offering a well-tested and a customised fitness session to a trainee at her/his convenience and pace. Like in all other sectors, Artificial Intelligence has demonstrated effective results much FASTER, CHEAPER, SAFER in the fitness domain. A step ahead from the usual online sessions, these AI assisted fitness platforms act as a personal virtual fitness trainer, empowering users to feel good, look good at a much lesser cost. 

1:1 customised training using AI based virtual trainer, posture correction alerts, injury free workouts are helping trainees across the country meet their fitness goals, that too with dramatically enhanced results

Trainers can explore the merit of AI assisted platforms for creating their own digital visiting card, thereby expanding their reach. The tech edge allows trainers to guide trainees in a more structured way leading to far more effective results. The sheer convenience and the availability of reports, data and analytics makes monitoring progress a very easy task. A win-win for both trainers and trainees, digital workouts have almost captured a significant segment of the overall fitness industry. 

It is time for trainers and trainees who have not yet thought about digital workouts to explore the scale, affordability, and the results offered by new-age digital fitness platforms.  

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